Grilled Kielbasa with Yellow Squash and Roasted Okra

I am in no way a professional cook. But I know my way around the kitchen. 

That having been said…being a grill master is a different ballgame. I play in the minor leagues when it comes to grilling. Like I can do it, but it could be better if someone else did it. 

The boyfriend started the grill. It made it to flaming hot status. I put pork chops covered in BBQ sauce on said grill. And I almost burnt the house down. 

So really…kids, don’t play with fire. 

But dinner turned out pretty good. 

I managed to save the pork chops, but I threw a Pederson Farms Whole30 approved kielbasa on the grill for good measure. 

I roasted the okra in the oven at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. And I grilled the squash. 

Do yourself a favor and get the Pederson Farms kielbasa. It is a game changer. Sugar free. No nitrates. No MSG. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Anyone else had issues being the grill master? Or is it just me? 

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