45029df9caaee23512ca97c09dc41f81When people say follow your dreams, I would always laugh quietly to myself. People don’t actually follow their passion. They  do some things they enjoy, but a lot of things they don’t. It’s a balancing act.

I fall into this category of people.

I work a traditional 40-hour work week for a big business company. Am I following my passion? Maybe, in some ways. But mostly…if I’m being honest…not really.

When I asked myself what am I passionate about, I couldn’t answer it the first time. I immediately thought nothing really. But I knew it wasn’t true.

I use to write a lot. It was my creative outlet. My place to define myself. But as I got older, I realized the space I had created didn’t quite fit me anymore. I didn’t feel creative or curious anymore. And those qualities are imperative for a self-proclaimed writer. So I quit writing. Cold turkey. It didn’t serve me. Didn’t grow me at that point in my life anymore.

But when you are made to do something, the nagging urge to write never went away. For two years, I ignored it or made half-assed attempts to write.

I’m not exactly sure when the need to write for myself again began to push into my mind. But I started feeling mentally restless.

Because I have things to say. And I am passionate about living a life well spent. Doing things I love. Sharing it with people. Teaching people. Loving people. Feeding people. Reading books. Taking care of myself. Being a full-time student of life.

Adventures to Wellness is my journey to living a balanced life. Finding the little things I need to be happiest. The things and people that serve me well. Because I’m passionate about a lot of things: food, people, stories, exercise, music, healthy living.

And I’m passionate about sharing it with as many people as I can.

Life is too short to not enjoy it.

What I do to find balance might just help you, too.

I’m Ashten, and these are my adventures to wellness.


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