Day 9: Let Me Eat Out

I want someone else to cook for me. I just need a break from the kitchen. So. Much. Cooking. 

But everything has been tasting good. I’m just ready for a night out and drinks and tacos. 

Breakfast today was egg muffins with salsa. I mixed homemade pesto into this batch. Very tasty. 

Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner. A pork chop and half a sweet potato. Not pretty, but full of flavor. 

Dinner tonight was a winner.  I found Whole30 compliant chicken sausage at the store. Life. Saver. Especially when I’m in no mood for cooking. I had pre-sliced onions ready to go, and I sliced some wilted bell peppers to add to the mix. 

The fresh green beans were sautéed in coconut oil, garlic and good Balsalmic vinegar. The vinegar created a sweet sauce. Totally delicious. 

The boyfriend had a day like I had yesterday. He was basically a zombie. Came home from work and laid down. 

I’m feeling back to normal, but with more alertness and energy. I am thankful tomorrow we will enter double digits. And I’m thankful for the chicken sausage. And I’m thankful for beer. Even though I can’t drink it right now. 

I will. Soon. 

Day 8: Whoa Is Me

After three days of feeling great, I’m back to feeling like crap. The book said this would happen. But my Superman mentality said that won’t happen to me. 

Last night I had a terrible stomach ache. So painful. I did cook supper and boil eggs for breakfast. But supper wasn’t my favorite. 

Avocado turkey burger with sautéed broccoli. I took two bites of the burger and knew it was NOT what I wanted.  The boyfriend ate his wrapped in lettuce and topped with salsa. We both thought cheese would make it delightful. 

Breakfast today was two boiled eggs and a handful of delicious strawberries. 

Snacks so far have been an apple with cashew butter. 

I was so happy to be out of the funk. And this new funk is powerful. I’m so tired. But at least my mind isn’t foggy like it was before. 

It’s the first day I’ve thought incessantly about breakfast biscuits for the cafeteria at my office. I can’t even go in there. Makes me too sad/annoyed that I can’t have the biscuit of my dreams. 

So there’s that. 

The book says it’s all normal. The psychological effects of elimination are starting to rear its ugly head. 

So I’ll go back to work and try my best to not face plant into my desk.  

Day 7: Spectacular Spectacular

I’ve made it through the fog. No more headaches. No more feeling drunk when I wake up in the mornings. No more mid-day slump. 

Over the weekend, I hit my groove with Whole30 cooking and meal prep. Hallelujah! 

Egg muffins and berries for breakfast yesterday and today. The muffins are full of sautéed veggies, and they reheat marvelously. 

I’ve had avocado tuna salad with cucumbers the last two days for lunch. The boyfriend has been cleaning up leftovers for lunch. Lemon chicken and veggies and chicken tacos. 

But supper last night was amazing. 

Pesto chicken with sautéed zucchini and yellow squash. 

I made the pesto with walnuts, basil from the garden, tons of garlic and good olive oil. First time to make pesto without Parmesan cheese. And it was still creamy and delicious. 

I cooked the chicken and diced the veggies Sunday morning so it made cooking last night a breeze.  

Such goodness. 

On another note, I’m acquiring a taste for black coffee. I still miss the cream, but it’s much I more bearable now that the fog has lifted. 

The boyfriend says his pants are already fitting and feeling much more comfortable. That’s a huge win since it’s one reason we chose to do this. 

My skin is looking much better. Less breakouts. More freckles, but that’s from all the sun I’ve been getting. 

We will keep plugging along. Eating good, whole foods while being mindful of our cravings. I did almost judo chop a lady for a bag of Cheetos the other day. So…baby steps. 

How to Survive a Music Festival on Whole30

Well I survived. No booze. No food. Just water and a smoked turkey leg. 

Yesterday was busy. I prep and cooked food for several hours. I made mayonnaise from scratch, and then turned it into ranch dip. I made pesto. I cooked taco meat. I sautéed chicken breasts. It was crazy. 

I got an hour or so of uninterrupted pool time. And an awesome show at Riverfest. 

Let’s recap breakfast and lunch. 

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, broccoli, onion and bell pepper. Coffee had coconut cream in it. Not the same as real cream, but a nice weekend treat. 

Lunch was tacos with ground chicken, Whole30 compliant salsa, tomatoes and avocado. The lettuce was out of the garden. 

Dinner was music and a turkey leg. 

Just smoked turkey to perfection. No spices. No sauces. It was the best we could do since my apple and mixed nuts got confiscated at the entrance. 

We had a solid evening of excellent music. Judah and the Lion. X-Ambassadors. The Goo Goo Dolls. It was epic. We even had the opportunity to meet X-Ambassadors and get our picture made. Very cool moment. 

So I’ll be spending the day creating an awesome 90s playlist since The Goo Goo Dolls show blew my mind. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. 

I was sad to see the graveyard of frozen lemonades and half-eaten corn dogs lining the sidewalks on our way out last night. Some people just don’t know a good thing when they have it. The boyfriend was upset we couldn’t drink all the free craft beer we wanted in the VIP tent. 

But on the upside, pants are fitting better. So day 5 wasn’t a total bust. 

Day 4: Saturday Goodness

Today’s been the best day so far on this Whole30 journey. No headache. More energy than the last few days. But that could be because I slept in. 

Breakfast was not boiled eggs. Yay!

Scrambled eggs with onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil with a side of pistachios, cashews and an mini orange. 

The boyfriend and I are going to a music festival this weekend, so we have to pre-eat and survive the no booze law of Whole30. 

So I made this after we lounged in the pool for a little while.

Balsalmic chicken and vegetables
What you need:

  • Chicken cutlets
  • Salt and pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion, sliced
  • Bell pepper, sliced
  • Garlic, chopped 
  • Zucchini, diced
  • Yellow squash, diced 
  • Balsalmic vinegar 

Sauté the chicken in coconut oil. Season the chicken liberally wit salt, pepper and garlic powder. Cook until golden brown, remove from pan and set aside. 

Add sliced onions, sliced bell peppers, chopped garlic, diced zucchini and yellow squash into the pan you cooked the chicken. Sauté until veggies are soft and starting to brown a little bit. 

Add the chicken back into the pan of veggies. Pour in some good Balsalmic vinegar and let it cook down to create a sweet sauce. 

Plate it up and enjoy. 

This is absolutely delicious. I used a Balsalmic vinegar I got at a specialty store in Eureka Springs. Worth every cent. 

It’s the closest I’ve gotten to Asian type flavors. And I was thrilled to create something so delightful in the middle of the afternoon. 

Currently, the boyfriend is eating cashews with salsa since his beloved chips are not compliant. 

Say a prayer for us as we head into the land of music festival junk food and booze city. This will be our biggest test of willpower yet. 

I’m packing snacks, but in case I find a cheese booth…..prayers and happy thoughts are appreciated.