Day 8: Whoa Is Me

After three days of feeling great, I’m back to feeling like crap. The book said this would happen. But my Superman mentality said that won’t happen to me. 

Last night I had a terrible stomach ache. So painful. I did cook supper and boil eggs for breakfast. But supper wasn’t my favorite. 

Avocado turkey burger with sautéed broccoli. I took two bites of the burger and knew it was NOT what I wanted.  The boyfriend ate his wrapped in lettuce and topped with salsa. We both thought cheese would make it delightful. 

Breakfast today was two boiled eggs and a handful of delicious strawberries. 

Snacks so far have been an apple with cashew butter. 

I was so happy to be out of the funk. And this new funk is powerful. I’m so tired. But at least my mind isn’t foggy like it was before. 

It’s the first day I’ve thought incessantly about breakfast biscuits for the cafeteria at my office. I can’t even go in there. Makes me too sad/annoyed that I can’t have the biscuit of my dreams. 

So there’s that. 

The book says it’s all normal. The psychological effects of elimination are starting to rear its ugly head. 

So I’ll go back to work and try my best to not face plant into my desk.  

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