Day 7: Spectacular Spectacular

I’ve made it through the fog. No more headaches. No more feeling drunk when I wake up in the mornings. No more mid-day slump. 

Over the weekend, I hit my groove with Whole30 cooking and meal prep. Hallelujah! 

Egg muffins and berries for breakfast yesterday and today. The muffins are full of sautéed veggies, and they reheat marvelously. 

I’ve had avocado tuna salad with cucumbers the last two days for lunch. The boyfriend has been cleaning up leftovers for lunch. Lemon chicken and veggies and chicken tacos. 

But supper last night was amazing. 

Pesto chicken with sautéed zucchini and yellow squash. 

I made the pesto with walnuts, basil from the garden, tons of garlic and good olive oil. First time to make pesto without Parmesan cheese. And it was still creamy and delicious. 

I cooked the chicken and diced the veggies Sunday morning so it made cooking last night a breeze.  

Such goodness. 

On another note, I’m acquiring a taste for black coffee. I still miss the cream, but it’s much I more bearable now that the fog has lifted. 

The boyfriend says his pants are already fitting and feeling much more comfortable. That’s a huge win since it’s one reason we chose to do this. 

My skin is looking much better. Less breakouts. More freckles, but that’s from all the sun I’ve been getting. 

We will keep plugging along. Eating good, whole foods while being mindful of our cravings. I did almost judo chop a lady for a bag of Cheetos the other day. So…baby steps. 

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