The Importance of Personal Development

I’m a big reader.

In grad school, I read 28384782939 books about Arkansas political history. After grad school, I gifted myself a year of free books through Book of the Month Club.

But sometimes I need more than fiction to keep me motivated.

Enter personal development books.

I’m kind of sad to admit that I use to think personal development books were for people with “problems.”

Newsflash former self: we all have problems. Things we wish were different. Better. Sometimes we need a new perspective.

My latest personal development is The Miracle Morning. And a little JoAnna Gaines for good measure.

So far I love it. The whole concept seems right up my alley. I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

What are your personal development favorites? What should I read next?


6 thoughts on “The Importance of Personal Development

  1. Reuben says:

    Good on you, Ashton.
    Personal Development books are the way to go especially in today’s world where we have access to bad news and negativity 24/7. And these books are a great way to invest in yourself.

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