The Beauty of Safer Skin Care

During my teens years, you couldn’t have told me I would care about what would go into my skin care products. And I would have laughed at the idea of joining a network marketing company centered around safer beauty products.

Fast-forward 15 years and it couldn’t be more opposite.

Once I found Beautycounter, thanks to my friend Heather, and tried a couple of products, I realized the company’s natural, safer products were perfect for my skin.

I could see real results in less than a month. My skin was glowing and healthy. Free of all the unwanted junk of my old products, my skin became clear, and my oiliness was considerably managed.

I found myself wanting to know more about the products, more about the company. I started asking questions and doing research. And I quickly found out that Beautycounter is the most transparent company in the beauty industry. It’s what the whole organization is based on. Safer beauty and personal care products for all.

And I realized quickly that I needed to be a part of this movement to better beauty. I loved the products. They worked for me. The makeup was an added bonus.

And even though I was scared to join a network marketing company in a saturated market, I knew it was a good opportunity for me. I knew it was something big. Bigger than me. Bigger than makeup. But a movement to more transparency in an unregulated industry.

Every night when I wash my face, I’m proud of the company I chose.

If you are interested in learning more about Beautycounter products, check out my website.

If you are interested in the business opportunity, email me via my contact me page.

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