How to Handle Cravings on Whole30

I am a big snack person. I like to have a little something throughout the day. It makes me feel better.

But the Whole30 program don’t like you to snack. Grazing is not-so-good habit.

So what happens when you crave a snack?

First, I ask myself if I’m really hungry. Or just bored. Or stressed. Figure out the root cause of why you want to snack.

Then, I’ll make myself a cup of hot tea. If I’m not really hungry, the tea with kill my craving.

But sometimes around 3 p.m. My lunch has left me, and I need a snack. Since I hadn’t been packing snacks in my lunch box, and I figured out I was really hungry. I did the next best thing.

I ate a small packet of almond butter. I felt weird about it at first, but it’s no different than when I use to eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

My suggestion is to keep emergency snacks for times when you are truly hungry. Try the tea trick. And see what happens.

I can honestly say this round of Whole30 hasn’t been full of craving.

What emergency snacks do you keep on hand?

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