Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

My most favorite kid Asher Ray has been fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma since she was three years old. She will turn nine in October. Ewing’s is a rare type of bone cancer. She has fought the most beautiful fight with the most grace and patience I’ve ever seen from anyone. She is the strongest person I know. (Her parents are close seconds.)

Every September we advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness. We need a cure. This child deserves a cure. All the children deserve a cure. And we will fight to get one.

This month I will donating all of the income from my Beautycounter business to the American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas in honor of Bit’s fight. Beautycounter and fighting childhood cancer go hand-in-hand. The mission of Beautycounter is to get safer skin care and beauty products into the hands of everyone.

Some of the things found in our personal care products are known carcinogens, meaning they are known to cause cancer. With skin being the largest organ of our bodies, it seems like a no-brainer to want to take care of it. But here’s the thing…there is little to no regulation on what companies can put or not put into your personal care and beauty products. Words like “fragrance” are used to hide whatever carcinogens, hormone disruptors or irritants companies need to hide.

We deserve better than that as consumers.

Finding Beautycounter was a total turning point for me. Learning I could make better choices about what I put on my face and body makes me happy, and the products are high performing and high quality.

My goal for September is to get safer products for you so I can donate my commissions to an organization that is near and dear to my heart.
To get yourself some Beautycounter products, check out my Website. I will be giving away some really awesome stuff throughout the month. So be sure to watch for it on my Facebook page. 

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