September Whole30

I’ve successfully completed two round of Whole30. If you’re not familiar with the Whole30 Program, I highly suggest you look into it for a reset to healthier eating habits.

I did my first Whole30 in June 2016. I was ill-prepared, and I thought I could wing it. But it taught me a lot about my health and meal prep. But I considered it more like a challenge instead of a lifestyle.

Paleo eating wasn’t really my thing. While I love fruits and veggies, I’m not the biggest fan of meat. I do love chicken and seafood. So the thought of giving up dairy and grains for 30 days seemed like a deal breaker for me. But I read up about it. I got the Whole30 book, and I started learning about the program.

I strategically talked the Boyfriend into doing the Whole30 challenge with me with promises that his pants would fit more comfortably. I simply just wanted to complete the 30 days to see how much better I would feel.

I learned a lot during my first Whole30. And by January 2017, I was ready to do another. So now it has become a thing in our household. We do a Whole30 reset whenever we start to feel icky, sluggish, and when our eating habits get out of hand.

Case in point: Two weeks ago, we were enjoying life on the beach. Vacation diet. Days of sitting. Nights of enjoying dessert and adult beverages. Out of control.

September marks the start of our third Whole30. The most valuable thing I’ve learned in doing Whole30 resets is each one reveals something different. The first one revealed that I was capable of anything. The second one revealed that I was a better meal planner than I originally thought, and my tummy is not a big fan of dairy and wheat products. And this one will be completely different, too.


This time I am prepared. Thanks to Thrive Market, I have all my Whole30 approved pantry items delivered right to my front door. I also have the best farmers market in my little tiny town, and it has the best grass-fed, organic meat and poultry from a local farm. So my meat and veggies are covered.

I’m also working out through this round of Whole30. I don’t live anywhere close to a gym, but I downloaded the Daily Burn app to our TV. It’s been working well so far. More on the Daily Burn soon.

But I’m super excited about this round of Whole30. I have Labor Day weekend to get settled into the swing of Whole30 eating, and I have the long weekend to prep for a short week. The one challenge is a day in Nashville during the early part of the month. I’ll have to plan it really well to maintain our Whole30 success, but it can be done.

As the month goes, I will share Whole30 approved recipes (some will be mine, some will be others), what makes Whole30 the right choice of reset for me, and how I feel on Whole30 while I exercise.


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