The Full Food Experience

I had dinner and drinks with my best girls last night. We’ve all been busy with life, but we still make a point to get together to catch up. 

When I’m out with people I care about (my family, boyfriend, friends, etc.) I try to unplug and just enjoy my time with them. 

But when you write about food, it’s important to share the whole experience. 

So far I’ve used this space to share my foodie creations. I’ve totally neglected food I enjoy eating elsewhere. 

My love of food runs deep. Ask my boyfriend. Entire conversations have revolved around food and hunger when he “forgets” to feed me in regular intervals. 

I think about food all the time. What’s for breakfast? I could make this or that for dinner. I read recipes and watch cooking videos. I work for a food company. 

Food is a huge part of my life. So I should share my entire experience with you. 

I don’t live in a New York City type food scene. But I do live in a place where where your food comes from is important. I do live in a city with an eclectic food scene. Where farm to table is taken seriously. Where seasonal eating is not a foreign concept. 

I love being creative in the kitchen. I love farmers market Saturday mornings. And locally brewed beer. And figuring out how to make healthy foods taste delicious. 

It’s the food experience that brings people together. Everybody eats. 

My goal is to share all the aspects of my foodie life in this space. To create a community around food and recipes and sharing. To organically grow conversation around a universal truth. 

Food is the heart of community. 

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