Almost Springtime

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. Saturday. 72 degrees and sunny. The best conditions to go exploring.

Brad got me a really cool book about Arkansas hiking trails for Valentine’s Day.   We finally got to mark one trail off our list. 100 more to go. 

We live in the heart of the city, but it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful trails in the state. 

Because it was sunny and 72, we decided to go to Pinnacle Mountian, but we opted not to climb it because it was swarming with people. 

So we explored a trail neither of us had ventured down, the Ouachita Trail. It’s a 222 mile trail that starts in Oklahoma and ends at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. 

I have not idea how far we went on the trail, but we spent a good portion of time outside exploring. 

And it was beautiful.   

 It was so pretty. A truly perfect day. They don’t get much better than that. 

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