My Favorite Farmers Market

Since we moved to the country, I’ve struggled with grocery shopping. The nearest grocery store is 20-25 minutes away.

Thankfully early this spring, I stumbled across Me and McGee Market off Highway 70 in North Little Rock.


It is a gorgeous little farm stand full of pretty flowers, fruits, veggies, local cheeses, jams and jellies, pickles, salsa, homemade breads and grassfed meats.

As a foodie, it is my happy place. I visit the market every Saturday morning. I have grown to adore the Me and McGee Family, and I look forward to seeing them every weekend.

Neva, the owner, takes care of me. While we’ve been on Whole30, she’s held back dozens of eggs for me. She knows me. Remembers my name. Ask me about my week. She and her daughter, son, mom and husband are what make this little market so magical.

They are real people. They are my kind of people. They value good food, real food. They value community. They are invested in our little rural community. Constantly trying to make it better. Bringing people together.

It’s a truly beautiful sight.

We need more Me and McGee’s in this world. Little mom and pop shops and markets geared towards getting people better foods. It’s important. And I’m passionate about sharing what Neva and her family is doing because it will change the world for the better.

If you are in the Central Arkansas area, I highly suggest you visit Me and McGee Market. You will fall in love with it.

Find the nearest farmers market near you.

What are your Saturday morning traditions?

Mornings on the Farm

When I was a little girl, I use to spend weeks at a time on my grandparents’ farm in Tennessee. I would go and stay, and then wail when my mom would come up to take me home.

As a kid, it was my favorite place. My grandparents would drop everything when I would get there. And we would play outside, ride four-wheelers, ride horses, go fishing. It was always perfect.

Fast-forward twenty-something years, and the farm still holds a special place in my heart. But getting to spend time up here is scarce. So I was super excited to get a stop-over here on our way to Nashville.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up here? Have coffee on the front porch? Couple minutes of journaling? Quiet time?

My Papaw’s been gone several years now. But whenever I’m up here sitting on the porch, I still feel like he is around. Watching over us. Quietly participating by keeping this place so beautiful.

I miss him terribly.

But visiting the farm always makes it a little better. Bittersweet. But a little better.

This place feels more like home than anywhere else.

So many memories. I’m so grateful to remember.

Almost Springtime

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. Saturday. 72 degrees and sunny. The best conditions to go exploring.

Brad got me a really cool book about Arkansas hiking trails for Valentine’s Day.   We finally got to mark one trail off our list. 100 more to go. 

We live in the heart of the city, but it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful trails in the state. 

Because it was sunny and 72, we decided to go to Pinnacle Mountian, but we opted not to climb it because it was swarming with people. 

So we explored a trail neither of us had ventured down, the Ouachita Trail. It’s a 222 mile trail that starts in Oklahoma and ends at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. 

I have not idea how far we went on the trail, but we spent a good portion of time outside exploring. 

And it was beautiful.   

 It was so pretty. A truly perfect day. They don’t get much better than that.