Friday Favorites

This week’s Friday Favorites will be in photos.

Join my Band of Beauty program. Get all of these awesome benefits.

And get the No. 1 Brightening Oil for FREE with a $50 purchase. The oil has a $68 value. So get yours while supplies last.

This Facial Oil was named Best Beauty Product by Allure magazine. Check it out here.

This chips are my life. My absolute favorite. They are grain free and dairy free and kind of spicy. I love them.

The Flawless in Five Makeup routine is my morning jam. Six products. Five minutes. Done. Heart eyes for days.

My latest Book of the Month Club read.

What are your favorites? Share them in the comments.

The Importance of Personal Development

I’m a big reader.

In grad school, I read 28384782939 books about Arkansas political history. After grad school, I gifted myself a year of free books through Book of the Month Club.

But sometimes I need more than fiction to keep me motivated.

Enter personal development books.

I’m kind of sad to admit that I use to think personal development books were for people with “problems.”

Newsflash former self: we all have problems. Things we wish were different. Better. Sometimes we need a new perspective.

My latest personal development is The Miracle Morning. And a little JoAnna Gaines for good measure.

So far I love it. The whole concept seems right up my alley. I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

What are your personal development favorites? What should I read next?