Navy Eyes

I posted this photo on my Instagram stories.

One day I’ll be brave enough to wear navy eyeshadow on my whole eyelid.

But for now I’ll keep it lighter with a little soft white.

I’ve been experimenting with the cool side of this palette.

Moonstone across the whole eye. Pewter in the crease. Lapis in the outer corners. Onyx on the lash line as eyeliner.

I feel pretty good about the end result.

You can’t really tell in the photos that the colors are in the blue family. But I’m always nervous when applying it (especially before work) that I’ll end up looking like MiMi off The Drew Carey Show.

Thankfully, I squeaked by yet again.

What are your go-to eyeshadow colors?

Chili and Mashed Potatoes

Chili makes the world go round.

So does mashed potatoes.

Put them together, and you get all the best things in life.

I can’t say enough about this deliciousness. I had a major chili craving thanks to the cool snap in the weather.

I usually put it over mashed sweet potatoes, but I had creamer potatoes from the farmers market I needed to use.

And it was a yummy, filling dinner.

What do you put chili on?

Monday Motivation

It’s Monday again.

I’m always thankful for a new week because it means forward movement. But dang. Can’t it just hold off a few more days.

We had a very busy weekend. Lots of activities and birthday parties. Very little time was spent at home. So the “chores” didn’t even get touched.

If you are like me and need a little Monday morning pick-me-up, start your day or commute with a couple of podcasts.

Here are a couple I’ve enjoyed lately.

I love the Women Inspiring Women podcast. I’ve been listening to it for a while now. But this episode on embracing resistance is so good. If you own your own business, it’s relevant. If you work for a company, it’s relevant. Definitely a must listen.

The Hal Elrod podcast stems from my new obsession with the Miracle Morning. I’ve been bouncing around his podcast for about a week or so now. So I should have some good recommendations soon.

If you need a good kick in the butt, Mel Robbins’ The 5 Second Rule is it. Take this line for example. So much truth. Just finished her book over the weekend. Highly recommend it. If you don’t want to read, watch her TEDTalk on YouTube.

What are some of your Monday motivations?

The Eyes Have It

Let me tell you a quick story.

Once upon a time when I was in six grade, I started wearing eyeshadow. And not just any eyeshadow, but a platinum silver eyeshadow. That was basically white. And I didn’t wear mascara. And my eyelashes were blonde. And dusted with white eyeshadow.

Basically, what I’m saying is it wasn’t pretty or cute. It was very sad.

Thankfully, I’ve graduated from those platinum eyeshadow days. And I’ve learned how to apply eyeshadow tastefully.

The Winter Jewels Palette from the Beautycounter Holiday Collection is absolutely gorgeous.

I’m so in love with the Rose Gold eyeshadow.

I put the rose gold on my eyelids. Swept a little garnet shadow in the crease. Lined my eyes with topaz. And put a little moonstone near my brow line and in the corners of my eyes.

I also swept a little sandstone and amber on my cheeks. And I always use the new Volumizing Mascara because it’s the best ever.

You can get the Winter Jewels Palette here.

It’s one special edition palette you want to have in your collection.

Daily Burn Workouts

Thanks to the Miracle Morning, my workouts have been solid.

I haven’t missed one since I started the new morning routine. So that’s over a seven day workout streak.

I’ve talked about Daily Burn before, but I’ve really enjoyed the Barre Harmony workouts.

They are a combo of barre, ballet, yoga and Pilates. It’s one of the few workouts that I actually enjoy.

But to keep it fresh I mix in Cardio Sculpt and Power Cardio during the week. And I recover with yoga and mobility workouts on the weekends.

If you don’t live close to a gym, Daily Burn is the thing for you. I’ve really enjoyed getting my workouts in at home. And it doesn’t cost much to get started.

I can definitely tell I’ve gotten stronger. The sad tricep push-ups I started out doing have gotten better. And people have said my legs look more toned. That’s the barre classes.

What are your favorite ways to workout? Where do you go?