Why Your Man Needs Counterman

I never know what to get Brad for Valentine’s Day. I’m actually really bad at shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift because I think Valentine’s Day is silly. We should show love and appreciation for each other more than just one day of the year. But I won’t bore you with that soapbox.

Our first Valentine’s Day together I got him a mini-hatchet to take on his camping adventures. It was really a gift for me since I love a good campfire, and sometimes you need to prep some kindling to get a good campfire going. I can say I’ve gotten better over the years. One time I got him (us) a massage. Again, that was partly for me.

I have yet to come up with something for Brad’s Valentine’s Day gift, but I have a great idea for you.

Meet Counterman.

It’s the first full men’s line of safer skincare and body products from my beloved Beautycounter.

Brad has heard me harp on and on about how wonderful Beautycounter has been for my skin. So with his recent cancer diagnosis, we have been trying to eliminate endocrine disruptors from the products he uses, as well as that we use in the house.

It just didn’t seem fair that I had all of these great, safer products to use, and he didn’t have anything I felt like would fit the bill. Thankfully, Beautycounter announced the new men’s line right after the first of the new year. I was lucky enough, with my consultant status, to get the entire line a month in advance. So it was neatly wrapped and under the tree on Christmas morning.

So why should you get your man a skincare regime?

Men’s skin is biologically different than women’s skin.*

• Men’s skin is thicker. In general, men’s skin density is about 25% thicker than women’s—which is attributed to collagen density. They retain this density level for longer than women, resulting in younger-looking skin.

• Skin is tougher. Men’s skin tends to be tougher due to slower cellular turnover and constant shaving that disrupts the skin barrier.

• Skin is oilier. Men generally produce more sebum than women and tend to be shinier and more prone to breakouts.

• Pore & follicle size is larger. Not only do men produce coarser and darker facial hair, but their pore size is larger, leaving skin more vulnerable to blackheads.

*1. AAD, DW August 21, 2014. “Biological differences in skin create challenges in treating men”. A Publication of the American Academy of Dermatology|Association.

How is Counterman unique?

Featuring high-tech Sequoia Stem Cell Complex, all
Counterman formulas help protect skin from every day
stress, while providing safer and cleaner products dedicated
specifically for men.

What is the Sequoias Stem Cell Complex, and what are the benefits?

Plant stem cells have the properties and the ability to self renew. Also, plant stem cells never undergo an aging process but instead perpetually divide to produce new cells. Plant stem cell technology helps to increase the availability of these extracts and allows us to have consistency in our

What are the products?

If you feel like learning more, click the link at the bottom of each photo. That’s also the way you shop, too, if you are interested.

Counterman Cooling Aftershave Tonic
Counterman Smoothing Shave Cream
Counterman Charcoal Body Bar
Counterman Conditioning Beard Oil
Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion
Counterman Detoxifying Toner Pads
Counterman Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
Counterman Energizing Charcoal Body Wash

Did you know there are sets?

Counterman Beard Regimen
Counterman Shave Regimen
Counterman Collection

The regimens and full collection comes with a free gift until the end of January. So get your favorite guy some safer skincare this Valentine’s Day. You won’t be sorry, especially when his skin starts looking so healthy and good.

I also have samples of some of the items. If you are interested, visit the Contact Me page, and shoot me a message with your address. I will ship them out ASAP.

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