Quail Eggs and Sautéed Veggies

Saturday mornings are reserved for visiting my favorite farmer’s market.

Me & McGee Market is located off Highway 70, near the Galloway exit on I-40, in North Little Rock. When we moved to the country, I realized we were 20-25 minutes away from the nearest grocery store. And I am a frequenter of the grocery store. I love cooking, and having fresh produce and meat is important to me.

Yesterday, I visited the market, and they happened to be out of eggs. I got there earlier than normal so the lady who brings fresh eggs hadn’t delivered the weekend loot. So Neva suggested quail eggs.

How cute are these little guys? I’ve never had nor cooked quail eggs before, but I can tell you the cuteness makes them taste better. And they felt really special to enjoy on a lazy Saturday morning.

So here is how I prepared my quail eggs.
First, I chopped up all my veggies. I used red bell pepper, onion, baby tomatoes and a mix of greens. I diced the bell pepper and onion pretty small so they would cook quicker, and I sliced the tomatoes in half. I rough chopped the greens to give them a little more longevity. Greens tend to wilt quickly, and I’m not a fan of a whole mouth full of wilted greens unless bacon grease is involved.

I cracked the quail eggs one at a time in a separate bowl. Since they are so tiny, I cracked the tops with a sharp knife and let them slide out into the bowl to avoid getting shells in my eggs. Not knowing how many eggs it would take to make what I normally make for breakfast, I cracked six quail eggs. It turned out to be the perfect amount.

I fried the eggs in a little bacon grease. And since they are so small, they cook really quickly. So just be aware.

And this was the final product. The most delicious plate of eggs I’ve ever made. The yolks were so rich and flavorful. I couldn’t get over how they complimented the veggies. The only seasoning I used on all of this was salt and pepper. Because when you buy good quality ingredients, it doesn’t need much. Just let the flavors shine.

And the best part is this whole breakfast was Whole30 approved. So you can bet I will be making some version of this again.

What are your favorite lazy Saturday morning meals? Are you adventurous enough to try quail eggs?

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