Skin Care with Integrity

I’ve always been one of those people that want more out of stuff.

A good skin care regime has eluded me for years. During my teens and early twenties, I fought acne. Nothing seemed to work for me. I took every medicine known to fight it, and I tried every cream to find clear skin.

When I heard about Beautycounter, I felt like it was different. Not only was it a beauty and skin care company, it was a mission based company working towards getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

With little regulation in our personal care products, major companies are allowed to put nearly anything in our makeup and skin care products. Fragrance being the ultimate “hiding place” for known carcinogens and toxic chemicals. But because it is listed on the ingredient label as fragrance and the lack of regulation, those toxic things do not have to be defined at all. Scary, huh?

Beautycounter changed everything for me. I found safer products that worked at a high standard. I love that the company worked to create safer products that didn’t feel granola.

This stuff works. I have loved every product I’ve tried. So much so that I became a consultant.

If I found products that work for me, that I love, that are within my budget, why not take the leap of faith to work toward getting more people safer products. My family and friends safer products. As much as it is about me and my love of Beautycounter, it’s also about me sharing it with other people. Educating people about the subpar beauty industry we currently participate in. Sharing safer, high performing products with people I know and love.

It’s so much bigger than me. So much bigger than a tube of mascara. It’s about demanding better. Demanding more as a consumer. Learning the why behind it.


Ask me why I chose Beautycounter over everything else. Ask me why it’s different. Ask me why it works for me.

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