Food, Life and All the Places in Between 

Life is hectic. 

But I don’t have to tell you that  because you already know it’s a fact. 

I’ve been doing lots and lots of things. 

Working. Finishing up my Master’s thesis. Exercising. Reading. Being a dog mom. Fixing up my new house. Cooking. 

But I did want to check in. Tell you I’m still here. Just on a writing pause at the moment. 

Plus I have some things to share. 

I’ve made my personal Bitmoji. The ponytail cracks me up. (Also I realize how important this is to adding substance to your life, but it’s fun. You should totally get one.)

I figured out how to make Whole30 approved pancakes. While I’m not currently doing a Whole30, I still try to eat paleo as often as I can. It makes me feel my best. 

I took a fun photography class with The Women Bloggers. Loved every minute of that. I haven’t taken a class since college, and I realized it could be an introvert’s favorite pastime. I love flexing my creative muscles, but sometimes I want to do it all in my head. And photography is a cool way to see quiet creativity manifest. 

I just got my first Beautycounter order in the mail. So excited to start a new skincare regime. I’ve been needing to rethink my skincare. My  naturally oily skin is not behaving lately. So it’s time for something new. Really excited about the activated charcoal soap bar for body and face. Can’t wait to report back on that. 

A gentle reminder as we move into a new season. I’ve always loved the little gestures. They symbolize people knowing you, listening to you and actively participating in the relationship. Carry this to work with you, practice it on your significant other and try do the small things more often than you expect to receive them. That is life changing. 

What’s new with you? Favorite new recipes? Anything I should know? 

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