Day 27: Almost. There.

I really can’t believe it’s almost over. So much work is finally coming to an end. The amount of time I spend cooking will go down considerably. I do want to make sure we continue to eat well for lunch and dinner. But I miss eating breakfast in the cafeteria of my office, and the Boyfriend doesn’t really like breakfast. He usually saves his breakfast for lunch time.

Tonight’s supper was a pan fried pork chop seasoned with a garlic, sea salt and peppercorn rub and a side of roasted broccoli and sautéed mushrooms. 

I was weary the pork chop would be weird since it wasn’t dredged in flour, but the rub made it delightful. And those crispy edges were a highlight for me. 

The thing I wanted to share with you is my night time snack. 

Every night I enjoy a cup of decaf black coffee with a sweet Whole30 compliant treat. 

Some nights it’s a Larabar. Tonight, it was a sliced banana with a smear of almond butter and sprinkle of allspice and cinnamon. Tasted like a delightful spice cake. Just what I needed to round out my savory meal. 

The Whole30 encourages you to kick you sweet tooth habits. And I have for the most part. But sometimes you need a treat, and this is what I’ve been choosing. 

Main thing is I’m not going to feel guilty for loving an almond butter smeared banana. Or a Larabar. Whole30 has taught me I control whatever I eat. Nobody else. Just me. I choose bananas over cake. Or grilled chicken over fried chicken. Or sautéed veggies over French fries. 

My relationship with food hasn’t changed. I still love it. But I definitely respect it more than I did. I’ve always known the food I eat fuels my body, but Whole30 has given me a clear view of what life without certain things can be like. 

I can say confidently there will be Whole30 approved meals in our weekly routine. I can also say I know we will incorporate things we haven’t eaten in 30 days. The occasionally sweet treat. The celebratory beverage. The vacation foods. But we will have the knowledge that we can do Whole30 choices anytime we want. And do it well. 

I feel empowered to be in control of what I’m eating now that Whole30 is ending. There will probably be a few days of no-so-good choices, but then we go back to what we know. 

Meat. Eggs. Vegetables. Fruits. Nuts. 

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