Day 23: Seven Days

Only seven days left on the island. 

I won’t know how to act. Which was made clear tonight because my attitude has been sour. At least I admit it. 

Hormones are to blame. 

Whole30 has given me freedom from monthly hormone headache. They were debilitating. For days, I would sit with my head pounding. It was awful. 

I had hope Whole30 would help me, but I had no idea I wouldn’t get them at all. That, in itself, pays for the countless meals and label reading and Nazi-like eye I have on restaurant menus. 

Tonight’s dinner was chicken taco salad. Ground chicken with taco spices, mixed greens, sliced cherry tomatoes and guacamole. Very tasty. 

We are still having our boiled egg and fruit breakfasts. And mostly leftovers for lunch. 

I can’t wait to go back to a less strict way of life. I’m exhausted. 

My tiger blood phase is no match for girly hormones. 

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