Day 2: The Hangover

It’s the close of day 2. All the food is prep except for the eggs, which are currently in a pot on the stove not boiling. 

I’m tired. I’m cranky. My head hurts. My body aches. This is sugar leaving my body. I believe they call this withdrawals. 

I thought about cheese a lot today. Like more than any one human should. Many cheese filled thoughts. 

But no cheese was had. 

Breakfast was the same as yesterday. 

I had an avocado tuna salad with sliced cucumbers and orange bell pepper. It was delighful. 

All you need to do is mash up an avocado, stir in the flaky tuna, add lots of pepper and salt, and I chopped up some cherry tomatoes for added flavor. 

The boyfriend had leftovers from last night’s dinner. 

Supper tonight was a Whole30 take on taco salad. 

I cut tons of lettuce out of the garden so I knew we had to use it. I browned the hamburger meat with two shallots and some diced yellow bell pepper. I added a can of Rotel to the pan, and I stirred in my taco spices. Cumin. Chili powder. Red pepper flakes. Salt. Pepper. Garlic powder. 

I didn’t measure anything so my just-eyeballin’-it taco seasoning was outrageously hot. But delicious. 

I topped my homegrown lettuce with the taco meat, tomatoes, avocado and Whole30 compliant salsa. 

All that was missing was mounds of cheese. 

Did I say I missed cheese? 

My least favorite part of all this is getting everything ready the night before. I’ve spent three nights in the kitchen cooking and prepping and cleaning and bagging and labeling. I just want to watch some mindless TV and eat a cupcake. 

A cheesy cupcake.

But I digress. 

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