It All Started With a Hashtag


I love to cook. I love to post pictures of stuff I cook. And I thought the hashtag would be a clever way to share my creations. And it’s sort of become a thing. My thing.

IMG_1769 (1)

So I’d post these pictures. #whenigrowupiwanttobeachef

People would like them. Make comments about me coming to their house to cook for them. And I’d laugh and move on. Until today.

Something awesome happened. Someone I know cooked something delicious, got online, posted a picture of it and used #whenigrowupiwanttobeachef.

I’ve blogged before. Years of my life are logged at another space on the Internet, but after a while it just didn’t feel right to write there anymore. So I stopped writing there.

Then I stopped writing, which at one point I loved. Said I’d write for my livelihood.

That’s not the case. Writing does not pay my bills.

But the nagging need to express myself has never gone away.

So I cooked. And took pictures of what I cooked.

And now here I am writing about it. Old habits die hard.

The first post is always awkward. Don’t worry. It will get better.

But here’s what I expect this space to be:

  • A place where I share food — pictures and recipes
  • A place where I talk about running
  • A place where I complain about exercise other than running
  • A place where I post excessive pictures of Annie Mae, my Boston Terrier
  • A place where I encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle
  • A place where I make awesome new friends
  • A place to use #whenigrowupiwanttobeachef

So if you don’t like food, running, squishy faced dogs or being friendly, [insert grimacing face emoji here].

Penny for Your Thoughts?

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