Steak Tabbouleh 

Green Chef is killing it with their Paleo menu this week. 

I whipped this up in about 20 minutes after my one mile evening run. I loved the cauliflower rice mixture with tomatoes, cucumber, fresh mint, fresh parsley and a lemony vinaigrette. But I think it could have been better with chicken.  

Tonight’s one mile put the hurt on me. 

I’ve not been watching my pace. Just seeing what feels comfortable to my lungs and legs. 

I was much faster today without intending to be. And I felt every step. My calves hurt. My legs cramped up. I had multiple side stitches. I chalk it up to not drinking enough water (and the three very small cookies I ate before leaving work). 

Three days. Three miles. Things are on the up. I love these long summer days. 

Curry Shrimp Salad and One Mile a Day

This dinner was on point. 

Green Chef wins again. I’ve figured out I really like curry. I like to use the spice in my own recipes. I like to eat traditional curry made by this Indian guy at my office. But I don’t love a curry dish at a restaurant. 

 A little curry powder goes a long way. But this shrimp salad is on point. So on point that I plan on recreating in my own way. 

One Mile a Day

In other news, I’ve started running again. My sweet mom gave me a great idea for running inspiration. 

I’ve been hung up on running like my old self. You know…the one who ran 13 miles for fun on the weekends. 

Now the thought of running that far doesn’t even sound appealing. But work has been pretty stressful, and I’ve been craving some kind of mental release. So back to my running roots I go. 

So here’s how it works (in case you want to do it, too):

  • Run one mile each day

That’s it. 

It doesn’t matter if you walk most of it. If it hurts (cause it will). If you kinda hate it (cause you might). If you run the entire mile without stopping (go you). 

What matters is you made the effort. That you did it. Each step works towards a healthier you RIGHT NOW. Not the old you. But the present you. 

This is day two for me. First day was 13 minutes and some change. Today was 12:27. Each day I hope to get a little better, a little stronger. And each day I will honor what my body can do. 

Anyone want to take the One Mile a Day challenge? 

Saturday Escapades in Life and in Running

While Sundays are my favorite day, I adore Saturdays.

I’m in a pretty set routine for Saturdays right now. I am mentoring two amazing ladies through a 10K training program. So every Saturday I’ve been getting up well before the sun to run with them. And it has been the most wonderful experience.

I’ve trained people for 5Ks before, but never a 10K. It’s completely different. I’ve found myself less focused on myself during long runs, and more focused on them working through any issues. Or just reminding them they have ran 45 minutes without stopping or complaining or death.

This morning after our four mile run they both looked at me and said they have finally experienced the feeling of losing themselves during the run. Being in the zone. Shutting their minds off. I have told them about this moment many times, but to be there when they experience, it is the most fulfilling feeling.

Because that’s why I run.

To shut off my thoughts. To experience what my body can do that day. To push myself. To feel truly alive.

It is hedonic.

And now they know.

I’ve finally mentored them to the place I try to take myself every time I go on a run. And that is truly something special. And it couldn’t have been a better morning to do so.IMG_2447 Arkansas is a pure place to run and experience nature. An outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Miles and miles of paved and unpaved trails at your leisure. I’m lucky to call this my backyard.

After my Saturday morning run, I always make breakfast. But this morning I got a little overzealous. My eyes were a little bigger than my stomach.

FullSizeRender (18)

Coffee and a huge egg scramble full of Black Forest ham, eggs, Parmesan cheese, yellow bell pepper, shallots and topped with more cheese, fresh tomatoes and ripe avocado. I also had a side of chocolate milk to aid in muscle recovery.

And now I sit at my favorite coffee shop with a The Head and The Heart playlist in my ears, a pot of green tea and my Series 7 study materials, and I feel utterly content.

The first day in the past month where I’ve felt completely at ease.


It’s a good feeling.

The Sunrise Run Club

I’m a lucky lady. 

I live in a runner-friendly city with lots of paved and unpaved trails at my disposal. I have lots of awesome friends who share their love of running and life with me. 

I’ve had the opportunity to introduce people to running and to mentor them through a 5K training program, and that has changed my life. 

Case in point: my friend Sarah is not a morning person. Much like me. 

But she loves to run. I was her mentor for a time, and she has decided to run a marathon this fall. 

This insane heat has lead her to join the crazy train of running before the sun comes up. Since I was running at dawn this morning, I sent Sarah a text to encourage her to wake up and greet the sun. 

She lives in Northwest Arkansas now so she couldn’t actually run with us, but she was there in spirit. 

And what a beautiful morning it was.

If only my run could have been less terrible. I couldn’t get my mind right. I felt physically tired, and my legs felt slow and lead-like. The sweat was aggressive due to the crazy humidity. 

Thankfully, I had to Denise right next to me, encouraging me. I had Sarah in spirit. And I knew that I could run three miles and not die because I’d finished longer runs in much worse conditions. 

The mind is so powerful. It amazes me. How one negative thought, just a blip at first, can ruin your mental game. 

Somehow, despite my mental funk, Denise and I managed a quicker pace than Monday.  

It just tells me that my body can do amazing things, whether my mind is with it or not. And that’s enlightening.

Plus, I found out other people are getting up early to chase the sun, too. I’m calling it the Sunrise Run Club.