How Does Your Garden Grow

Y’all, this is the first year I’ve planted a real garden. 

Boyfriend’s backyard had a very sad, overgrown raised garden bed, and after hours of laborious love we have nursed it back to health. 

Yes, we did get rainbow colored tomato cages. Because life is too short for regular tomato cages. 

In the garden, we planted Buttercrisp lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, cucumbers, yellow squash, basil, dill, lavender and cat nip. 

We’ve placed insect repellent flowers throughout to help manage it. 

I’ve fertilized it once with organic plant food. And I’m impatiently waiting for fruit. 

So far, I’ve only trimmed the basil a couple of times, the lettuce once. What a nerve wrecking process that was. Lettuce is fickle. And it needs a ton of water. 

But I love coming home from work to check on it. It’s such a cool thing to grow your own food. My future salads will taste so good. 

I am really excited to share about my garden. It’s such a huge part of my life right now, and it will play a major role in the food I create in the upcoming months. 

Tell me about your garden. Do you have one/want one? What’s in it? How does it look right now? Feel free to post and share in the comments. Or on Facebook because I have that now. 😊